36 hours.

They sleep with their lightsabers under their pillows, though. :)


I feel so frustrated I could suplex an ice cream truck right now.

Don’t have an ice cream truck, but here’s a train.



Drew myself some modern teenage Kataang because of reasons.

I’m sure those familiar with Viria’s Modern Gaang will recognize many similar elements in the clothing, mostly with Aang. I hope this doesn’t count as stealing idk I just really liked her designs, ‘specially Aang’s sweater. Also, I gave him hair because I could.

Yes, but does your pairing have to fight one another because one of them is mind-controlled?

Barriss no



Yo. Zaheer.

While you’ve been off freeing convicted terrorists and kidnappers, melting bridges, blowing up police cars, stealing from temples, murdering queens, making out with your girlfriend, and threatening to exterminate a clan of pacifists, the woman you’re trying to take down has actually been DOING THINGS TO HELP PEOPLE.

Shut up.

Just. Shut. Up.

This photoset could be paired with the exchange from the end of “In Harm’s Way”: 

Korra: “Seems like wherever I go, I make a new enemy.” 

Tenzin: “But you made some new friends, too.” 

Here’s hoping some of those new friends get it together in time to help her out during the finale…


Hey there and Happy Birthday :) I wanted to be the last person (at least by Eastern Time) to say I hope your birthday was stellar (sorry 'bout Community's snafu messing it up at the eleventh hour) and opens to an even more extraordinary year.

Sorry I had this one ready for this situation

Joyeaux anniversaire! :3

Were there any season four episodes you liked?