You should watch Star Wars Rebels


"I’m not asking you to stop. Just please, get some rest. Not just for you, but for the people you care about."

Probably the argument Yang gave herself when she decided to stop obsessing over her mother—the compromise. 

Say what you want, but Draco’s son got to be named Scorpius while Harry named his Albus Severus, who’s REALLY the winner here?

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"Ew, no"? What do you mean by that? :/

I am not really a Beatles fan. At all…

jonsei93 replied to your post:When Integra finds herself in times of trouble …

… Looks like we got a Beatles fan, here :)

Ew, no. I Googled the lyrics.

When Integra finds herself in times of trouble

And her uncle’s gone crazy

She goes to the deepest darkest cell

Sets him free

Time to play: Screencap or Painting?

Girls don’t hold grudges because they’re both interested in the same boy. Girls bond over guns and weapons.




Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

Everyone would probably rather watch a Wasp movie than Antman.

I might give it a chance since its not Hank Pym. its Scott Lang

Seriously Fuck Hank Pym

Well, Wasp DID (or tried to, anyway, because, well, SCIENCE), but she’s not in the movie, so….

Luxsoka continues to be the thing that bugs me about this show. It shouldn’t, but…it does.