You should watch Star Wars Rebels


Well, this is going to be a brief news surge for a while…

As someone who has studied ancient languages quite a bit, I know that there is probably more to this than simply assuming “Jesus was married.” 

It’s an interesting text, but I’m putting this in before Tumblr starts erupting with things that make me facepalm extensively. 

…and actually, the most excitement I’m getting from this is that there may be a new use of a word here. WHAT DOES THE WHOLE THING SAY? And what was he saying? “My wife is the church”? “My wife made me meatloaf”? “The wife of my brother”? “My wife will be given to wet you wiv”? Sorry, couldn’t resist that one…MYSTERIES.

Wait…the lines below it are apparently there. So, um…WHAT DOES THE WHOLE THING SAY???